Two Reviews of I and You by J. David Stevens

I And You 1This past spring and summer, we saw two more reviews of J. David Stevens’s short story collection I and You. 

“Stevens’s stories powerfully demonstrate the never-ending process of adaptation, questioning, and learning that migration forces upon us all, immigrants or not. The unknown, the other, isn’t just the new culture or race, but the family history that remains hidden, left behind. Stevens is at his best when he explores the emotional repercussions of having to find one’s way through life with this incomplete knowledge. His characters’ stories are full of failures and disappointments, unexpressed desires and pains, but Stevens gives us a ray of hope at the end, in the child who finally draws a straight line in calligraphy class, the caregiver who gains a better understanding of the husband who left her, the lover who finds a calling for Chinese cooking. Ultimately, these are stories of empathy and love in the everyday world, where people reach out to each other and keep practicing, even if the end result is imperfect.” ~ Patricia Campion, The Collagist

Read Patricia Campion’s full review here.

More recently, David Amadio published a review of I and You in Cleaver Magazine and wrote, “With I and You, J. David Stevens has set an example worth following.” 

You can find the whole text here.


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