Heather Momyer is the editor-in-chief of the online arts and literary journal Masque & Spectacle and the founder of Arc Pair Press. Her fiction chapbook How to Swim was published by Another New Calligraphy (2013). Other writing appears or is forthcoming in journals such as Tahoma Literary Review, Wicked Alice, The Collagist, Puerto del Sol, Psychopomp Magazine, and Bennington Review, among others.

How to Swim. Another New Calligraphy, 2013.

Short Stories
(forthcoming) “One of the Animals.” Bennington Review. Issue 5. 2018.
“Persephone at the Edge.” (Reprint) Psychopomp Magazine. Issue 5.3. Spring 2018.
“The Colony will Continue, Day after Day.” Flash Fiction Magazine. 17 February 2018.
“Helen’s Return.” Sphynxation art book by Cristina Nualart. 2016.
“The Vampires.” Tahoma Literary Review, Issue 3, Spring 2015.
“How to Swim.” Seven Corners, April 2013.
“Swan Dive.” Spirits, Spring/Summer 2011.
“Mining the Bones.” Bluestem, Spring 2011.
“The Dragon Like One Picasso Made.” >kill author, December 2010.
“Persephone at the Edge.” Dark Sky Magazine, 21 September 2010.
“Even Boys Dream Dreams that Bunnies Can Dream.” Robot Melon, Summer 2009.
“Love and Paradise at Superdawg.” PANK, March 2009.
“You Drink Too Much but I’ll Still Come Running.” A cappella Zoo, Fall 2009
“Winter in Istanbul, 1996.” Exquisite Corpse, Summer 2008.

“For My Darling Knucklehead: Deciding to Live with a Street Dog.” Dogs Today Magazine. 15 February 2018.
“All the Ways We Exist.” Watershed Review. 39.2. 2017.
“On Montaigne & 3 Men Named M.” Wicked Alice. March 2015.
“The X-Lover.” /DEATH HUMS, Issue 2. May 2013.
“Birds Flutter and Pterodactyls Are Dead.” Puerto del Sol, Summer 2012.
“Erotics and the Cannibalism of Love and Knowledge.” Ekleksographia, Summer 2011.
“Reading Rebbecca Brown.” H_NGM_N, Fall 2009.
“Hecate Leaves Muddy Footprints at the Crossroads.” Black Radish Books, 1 Nov. 2010.
“The Mythologizing of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.” The Collagist, May 2010.
“Poetry and the Mother Language.” Moria, Spring 2009.

“Poem for Turkeytown, PA.” After Hours, Winter 2014.
“The Season of Endings, Wrapped in Wool.” Monkeybicycle, August 2010.
“The Natural History Museum.” JMWW, Winter 2010.
Bone Poems. KeepGoing, Fall 2009.

By James Scott. Tk with James Scott. Podcast Series. Episode 55. 24 April 2018.
        Discussed Arc Pair Press and its first title, The Paper Life They Lead: Stories, by Patrick Crerand.
By Brandon Wetherbee. You, Me, Them, Everybody. Podcast Series. Episode 92. 30 July 2010.
        Discussed online and print publishing, Requited Journal, writing and process
By Vocalo, with Amanda Marbais and H.V. Cramond. 89.5 FM Radio, Chicago IL. 26 June 2009.
        Discussed Requited Journal

Scholarly Article
“Genre, Identity, and Ethnic Representation in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.” Popular Culture Review. Summer 21.2 (2010): 83 – 90.

Arts & Culture Reporter. Civilnet. Yerevan, Armenia. Summer 2016.
Contributing Writer. Word Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 2013 – 2014.
Education Journalist. Medill Reports Chicago. Chicago, IL. Autumn 2012.

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